Araya Wongwan

  • Education & Non-Profit

  • Copenhagen, Global

I am in my final year at Wesleyan University, studying psychology with a concentration in social, cultural and critical theory. Growing up in an international community in Chiang Mai,Thailand has exposed me to individuals from different cultures and background all around the world. Ever since a young age, I knew the world has a lot of problems and I was determined to be a part of a change. As a psychology major, I am very passionate about deciphering underlying mental processes behind people’s actions and cognitions with the hopes of alleviating conflicts within and between individuals. However, I am also interested in philosophy including issues such as morality, truth and the meaning of life. In junior fall, I spent my semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I became more interested in political models and strategies in driving towards equality and positive changes. Being in Denmark has not only helped me to grow personally but also educationally through understanding their social welfare and why it makes the Danes the happiest people in the world. Currently, I am an research analyst at Nonviolence International in New York, working to promote peace and cooperation.